Retail Business — LPG Station Chain

We are constantly working on entering new liquefied gas markets through expanding our own chain of vehicle LPG stations.


Assets for LPG retail distribution are managed by the subsidiaries which are authorized local operators. They represent the Company’s interests in the corresponding regions.

To ensure that the LPG station chain meets the current fuel market requirements and customer expectations, the Company has developed a LPG Station Chain Development Strategy and has defined the following development objectives:

  • Introducing unified visual branding for all LPG stations;
  • Equipment standardization;
  • Formalization of the business processes;
  • Automation of acceptance and sales of LPG and petroleum products;
  • Developing a unified retail asset management structure applicable to every region;
  • Reducing the operating costs.

As part of the sales network expansion program, the Company is developing an LPG station and multi-fuel station construction project in its regions of operation.

The retail chain will be further expanded in 2017.

Please contact Gazprom Gazenergoset LLC for any questions about the LPG station operations and partnership proposals:

General inquires:
Alexey S. Ignatov
Head, Strategic Development Dept.
+7 (495) 777-77-97 ext. 1430