Business Profile

Gazprom Gazenergoset LLC supplies:

The company develops three primary LPG business areas: large-scale wholesale supplies, small-scale wholesale supplies, retail supplies.

Large-scale wholesale LPG sales are expanded through maintaining contract relations with current buyers and concluding contracts with new customers.

A program of small-scale wholesale LPG market penetration was launched in January 2005 in Belgorod Region.

Gazprom Gazenergoset LLC is actively developing retail LPG sales in the regions. The strategy is implemented both through constructing a supporting infrastructure and through acquisitions of already operating businesses.

The petroleum products are sold in the same way. The company offers large- and small-scale wholesale supplies of gasoline, diesel fuel, and fuel oil (availability may vary by region).

Retail sales operate through the company’s own gas station chain «Gazprom».

The domestic chemical and petrochemical raw product supply is available as large-scale wholesale distribution only. The products are sold directly from the Gazprom PJSC plants under direct contracts with consumers.

HC propellant is manufactured by Kstovo LPG filling station. The propellant is supplied as large- and small-scale wholesale. Gazprom Gazenergoset LLC has its own gas carrier fleet to transport the propellant.