Information for Business Partners

Dear Partners,
in order to ensure business transparency, avoid conflicts of interests and other infringements, and to be compliant with the legislation on countering the legalization of crime proceeds and financing of terrorism, Gazprom Gazenergoset LLC enters into any contractual relations only with legal entities that have disclosed their ownership structure.

For this reason prior to contract execution each potential partner must disclose information on its chain of owners (beneficiaries) and managers on a standard form in Microsoft Excel format, and supply documentary proof. In addition, all contracts have a clause stating that the counter-party must notify Gazprom Gazenergoset LLC about any changes to such information.

The Microsoft Excel form is available for download at:

The instructions for completing the form are available at:

Should a partner fail to disclose information or be compliant with the regulations, Gazprom Gazenergoset LLC reserves the right to reject the contract proposal, or terminate an existing contract.